Order of pages within a scene

Jun 11, 2013

I am new to Storyline, and am having trouble with the order of my pages. I have created a story that uses a menu with forward and back buttons in the Slide Master, rather than using the built in buttons. I also have a menu system so that the student can skip to a certain page if need be. 

As I create pages, Storyline is ordering them somewhat haphazardly. And when in Story View, it won't allow me to drag them to the position I want. Is there a way I can manually change the number of the page (the "1.1, 1.2" that designates the order)? Are there any other solutions?

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Josh Uhlig


You are able to reorder the numbering by dragging the slides within the story view pane.  Just drag a slide on top of the slide you want it to be after.

This will not necessarily change the order they display in story view.  If you want the slides to appear in a specific order on your page, you might need to adjust the order of the objects on the parent slide that trigger those slides.  I've noticed if I have objects that link to multiple slides, those slides display in the story view according to the order their links appear in the timeline of the parent slide.  The objects/links at the bottom of the timeline will show the related slide on the far left, and those at the top will be on the right.

Hope that makes sense.

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