order of timeline objects


Could someone clarify this for me please - do the objects display on the timeline from the bottom up or from the top down?  When I look at the timeline should I expect to see a title text box at the top of the timeline section (which seems sensible to me), I have been under the impression for many years that the first item on my slide should be at the bottom of the timeline section.  It has concerned me greatly over the years the order on this timeline and if someone can clarify I would be most grateful!



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Walt Hamilton

They display from left to right, that is; the ones that have their beginning the farthest to the left side of the timeline will show up first when the slide is viewed. You can change when objects appear by dragging them right or left on the timeline, or right clicking and changing their timing.

The top to bottom arrangement indicates which objects are on top, or closest to the viewer. That means if you have two objects the same size in the same spot on the slide, the one that is on top in the timeline will cover the one below it. You can change this order by right-clicking and using  Send to Front or Back, or dragging up or down on the timeline.

Unfortunately, while you can drag multiple objects right or left at the same time, if you are dragging up or down, you can only move one object at a time.