Order of Triggers- can't get them to work

So I swear this worked in my first draft and now I can't get it to.  I have a 4 scene class- 1 is the menu page, 2-4 are lessons.  I have triggers set up so that when the student starts a lesson a yellow (state normal) check appears and then when they have completed it it goes to green (visited state).  Right now it never goes to green?? Any suggestions.  Am I out of order?  

I have variables  for each lesson that add up to a number based on slide numbers.  

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Kristy:

My two random thoughts for your project:

1. Consider starting at GREEN or a more Neutral color, such as GREY, and using YELLOW for your Visited states.  Many international organizations use Yellow or Orange accordingly.

2. Regarding your triggers, my impression is you may be overloading and complicating what you are trying to do in order to accomplish your objective(s).

While I agree you will likely need to set up multiple paths to fire those triggers, I am guessing there may be some duplication or potential overlap in few areas.

Here's a link to a discussion of another project that is also trying to capture multiple visited and completed states, along with my suggested course of action (reply):


If this approach does not help you, then I would suggest building out a simpler, stripped down version of your Storyline project with just one or two buttons or visuals, and then see how small and compact you can use to make things operate successfully, with as few variables and triggers as possible.

  • When I eject my brain from complex projects and force myself to use just the bare-bones essentials, I often solve my problem a lot more quickly.
  • Once I have the proof of concept, I roll out that example's variables, triggers, and other details, and extend it in my larger project, confident that the foundations are in place.