Orgaising storyline projects

Hi all

sorry if this sounds an odd question. I am currently building an e-learning package which has dozens of seperate strands all under a linked theme. Each strand has dozens of seperate videos and other interactive objects. Consequently creating easy navigation for the end user is taking some thought.

The information in the package will change over time and so updates will be needed. What I am keen to avoid is having to re-publish an entire package each time a minor amendment is required.

What I thought was to create a seperate story for each strand, a seperate menu as a story for each theme, and have these seperate stories link to eachother in a way that appears seamless to the end user.

Is this possible within storyline or would I be better creating the menu's within a traditional html page which then link to the various story packages?

Hope this make sense...

BW, Anthony

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anthony and welcome to Heroes!

Based on what you described, setting up the html page as the menu may be the easiest solution. The other thought would be that if you don't need to track completion or quizzes within the individual packages, you could publish those and link them as a web object within the main Storyline menu file. With this set up, you'd need to make sure that anytime you made an update to the individual package and reloaded it to your website, that the url stays the same so that the main menu course is referring to the same location.