Organizing a quiz so that the user can review

Ciao everybody,

My eLearning module is using customized player buttons (in other words the Storyline player is disabled). When the user has completed the quiz, if he decides to review the quiz slides, I want to prevent him from changing the answer and I want the submit button to change to a next button. How can I do this?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa!

During quiz review the user should not be able to change the quiz answer.

If you set the Player features for a quiz slide to Custom for the selected slides, you may find that the Prev and Next navigation buttons are missing from the slide during quiz review.

This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Articulate Storyline 2. 

Lisa Heyden

Hi Leslie,

The problem is I am not using the player. I do not want the prev and next buttons from the standard player to appear. (I'm not using a review button - the user can simply navigate back to the quiz section.)

I've created a custom player that sits on my master. The submit button is on the slide itself. I need a method (perhaps using a variable?) to put a next button on the slide (in place of the submit button) once the user has submitted the answer.

Hope this makes sense...


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa!

Sorry for misunderstanding what you were looking for here. 

Yes, you should be able to utilize a variable that perhaps goes to false to true on 'questionanswered' when the user clicks the submit button. Which would change the state of a hidden next button. Be sure that your slide properties are set to resume saved state.

Be sure that you have this set to happen prior to any 'jump to slide' or 'submit interaction' trigger.

When the user returns, they should be able to now see the next button, which will have to have a trigger set up as well.

Perhaps that will start you off in the direction that you need.