Organizing Modules

Mar 26, 2013

Hello AS community!

I am pretty sure that my boss wants to use AO. With that in mind, I am working on a big project with many modules (about 10-20 or more) compromsing of 20+ slides per module. Which would be better?

1. Having one big project..... doesn't seem like the best option...

2. Saving and labeling each in their own "project"...............So i guess I am envisioning the learner logging in and completing one module "project" then completing the next module or "project",,,

I am putting "project" in quotes because that's really how i'm saving it in AS.....

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Peter Anderson

Hi Kara, 

My two cents would be to break the course up into smaller "projects". Not many people like the feeling of launching into one GINORMOUS course - it can feel daunting and endless. 

And if you want to make sure your users follow a defined order when taking the different projects, you could use something like a simulated course sequencing to guide them along. 

Hope that helps

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