"Other" Survey Question Type

I need to add a comments option to a multiple choice survey question? For example,

What is your favorite color?

* Red

* Blue

* Other

If the person responding choose "Other" I'd like them to be able to type in their own custom response AND still be able to record that entry in our LMS.

Is it possible to do this in Storyline or am I better off using some online survey tool like Survey Monkey or a Google Docs form?

A big thanks in advance!

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Johnny Coman

Thanks for the suggestion Phil. I'll check into the lightbox idea....yet I was sort of hoping it could look like it's all on the same slide and function much like the ones in Survey Monkey, etc. I do like Survey Monkey but I'm hoping to keep this one together with the course so it's all in one place and recorded in our LMS.

Thanks again!


Mike Taylor

Hi Johnny! If I understand correctly, one way for you to do what you want with this is to make the "Other" option pop-up a layer containing the text entry box.  Depending on the logic of you you want it to function you could use a variable to pass the text that's entered to a separate survey question to be recorded and add a trigger that skips this so it all looks seamless. 

I've attached a quick example. Let us know if that's the sort of thing you are looking for or not?