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Nov 04, 2013


I know, I have a huge Articulate project. My .story file is 600 Mb. But I cannot change that anymore (I can take out some movies, but so far it does not help)

This is what happens;
Articulate tells me: Your system is low on memory, close other programms.

This iwhat i did: I closed other programms and the error remains so I called a technician in our department who said the following after looking at my system:

My system is not low on memory, other aplications still work fine and can save and work without errors. He says that with some applications it is possible to change the ammount of designated memory usage. That I should ask if that is possible within Storyline.

I hope I explained right. Can anyone help me with this?

Kind Regards


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Edward Springer

I have had similar issues. First time I was told by Articulate Support that the problem as a corupt logo image file. I removed and reinstalled it, problem went away. Have had it come back today, this time with a player that has no logo. Whenever I attempt to open the player, I get the low memory message. Tried rebooting, no help. Closed that specific project and opened another, no problem. It seems that sometimes Storyline has trouble dealing with graphics, even the characters and shapes inserted from within Storyline. Sounds like they need to step up and get this fixed! Sorry, I'm a bit frustrated over this today :( .

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Edward,

The logo issue is something we're aware of , and our team is reviewing it when new files are shared with us. For the new issues you're experiencing, it sounds like there may be something with that particular file, and you'll want to follow the guidelines here to create and edit your Storyline files while working locally to prevent any unusual behavior. You may also want to conduct a repair of Storyline to prevent continued erratic behavior. 

Marijke  Richmond

Thank you all for your reply's! I was on a tight scedule and when I got Storyline running again, I only focused on my deadline.

My version is: Update 3: 1305; 2012

I think my problem was a corrupted link somewhere. I have nog encoutered the problem again after closing the project en reopening the old version. I will check out the system requirement.

Thank you very much for all your reply's!



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