Output of different variants of an e-learning for the corresponding target group

Hey All,

so I got this idea in mind, but I'm not sure how to solve it, or if its even possible. 

Think about the following szenario example:
you want to create an E-learning to explain how to use a specific function of photoshop. But you have more than 1 Target group: beginner and experiencedf.e. also the target group has a different ages. (so you have to use different wording, more slow paste, or even change the ui) So you might even need 4 e learnings in total which makes the 4 formulas:

1)experienced, young age: show training 1 if (age=10-30 and level=experienced)
2)experienced, old age: show training 2 if (age=30+ and level=experienced)
3)beginner, young age: show training 3 if (age=10-30 and level=beginner)
4)beginner, young age: show training 4 if (age=30+ and level=beginner)

I think you get what I mean, this is just a basic example. Is it possible to work with variables here? The learner has to give his age and level before the training starts and depending on his input he will get the fitting training variant.

If so, how can you do it? Thanks in advance.

- Regards, Lucas



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Brian Allen

Lucas, yes, definitely possible, but implementation will depend on your familiarity and skill level with Storyline.

So you collect your variable data at the beginning of the course (age and level). Let's just take one of these for now, say level, beginner and experienced.

If you're familiar with branching, you would now build two separate branches (or in Storyline, scenes): one for beginner, and a second scene for experienced.

On your slide where you're collecting your variable, you would set a condition on the NEXT button trigger to go to (for example) scene 2, slide 1 if (variable) BEGINNER=TRUE. Set a second trigger on the NEXT button to go to scene 3, slide 1 if (variable) BEGINNER=FALSE.

Not too difficult there, and it can be done with your age/level scenario as well, but it would require to you add additional scenes (branches) and an "AND" condition to your trigger, such as: go to scene 4, slide 1 if BEGINNER=TRUE **and** AGE is greater than or equal to 30.

Hope this helps, and let us know how things are going with your course.