Output Platorms

This is not a feature request. (yet)

So since the advent of cloud computing the reliance on Microsoft Word is not AS relevant in the world of word processing. It lead me to ponder why Articulate clings to Word as the only text-based output option, when a modernized integration into Google Drive would work much more effectively in organizing and sharing job aids, presenter notes, etc. 

It's always been a bad look that we are required to own a third party license to output text from Presenter or Storyline.

Furthermore,  I really feel like Rise should be an output tab. One lesson per slide, with notes text below. Option for screen shot as an image block or storyline block.  There are strong business cases for this that my agency has in front of us even in the here and now.   Particularly with Articulate doubling down on the LMS market with their new products, that kind of flexible integration is going be a key success differentiator. 

These are just my 2¢ as an industry vet who leads a dev team.   Hopefully it can spark some discussion ahead of a formal feature request.  

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