Output won't open on iPad using Articulate Mobile Player

Hey Gang,

For the last 12 months I have repeatedly tried to Publish a course in AS using the publish options of HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player.  My LMS supports Tin Can API so I have set the output correctly.  The courses play just fine from any desktop computer, but I have never been able to get the courses to play using either the Articulate Mobile Player or natively in a browser on an iPad.  I am not using any flash content.  I am only using .mp4 content.  My LMS keeps telling me that the file output sizes are too big for the iPad to handle correctly causing them to crash (largest output I have ever made is 45MB.)  I bought AS 12 months ago and have yet to publish a course that will run on a mobile device.  I feel like I am probably missing something very simple, but I need some help here.  When I try to play these courses on the iPad, the AMP launches, but I get the error message, Cannot connect to content or something like that.  HELP!!!  



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Michael Kaufmann

Here's another update for you.  Here is the URL that was generated.


When I launch this on my computer, I get the "Configuration data is missing or incorrect" error.

When I launch this on my iPad, it loads the title page of the course via the AMP, but then I still get the "Cannot connect to content error message."

I am using the most recent version of AS, I am publishing the course with the HTML5 box checked and the AMP box checked.  I have set the output to Tin Can API.  I am using AS on my MacBookPro via Parallels (with the most recent version of Parallels and the most updated version of Windows.)

I'm running out of ideas..........



Michael Kaufmann


Yes, that is the same version that I uploaded to my LMS (Litmos). (who confirms that they fully support Tin Can API)

Nancy, I'm not entirely sure what you mean, I don't know where you are seeing a story.html5 link?  The only link I get after uploading the course to the tempshare is the story.html link.  However, at least you are getting audio to play.  I'm not even getting that.

Just for reference, I have also tried uploading the course to Litmos LMS with the AMP setting turned off hoping to get the course to play in my Safari browser without using the AMP.  I have still to this day never gotten one of my course to play in its entirety.  Often the course will crash the browser immediately, sometimes after a few slides, but it always ends up crashing.  I've probably tried this with a dozen or so courses over the last 12 months with no success.  I would be happy to share the AS file, my original ppt that I imported, the build ouput, etc, etc.  I have this in  a public drop box that I can share with you if you send me your email address.

I am extremely appreciative of any help you can give me to get my courses running on an iPad.  A representative from Litmos has also been helping me and he reached out to Articulate as of last Friday for help as well.  He is equally perplexed.


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Michael, I think I can get the entire course to play. Once the audio finishes on the first slide, it automatically advances to the second slide and keeps playing. I can't click on any of the articulate player controls or get rid of the pop up error message. 

As for story.html5 - if you have selected the html5 option when you published your course, you should see a file called story.html5 in your published output. By default, storyline launches the story.html file, there is some code that checks what device the viewer is using. If it is an html5 browser like safari or chrome, storyline redirects to story.html5. If you are only interested in running the course in html5 then you can provide a direct link to the story.html5 file.  If you do this then we can check to see if the course plays properly in the safari  browser.

Send me a link to your Dropbox and I'll take a look at your files. Email address is nancy.woinoski@pinchedhead.com

Michael Kaufmann

Phil and Nancy,

I want to thank you both for all of the time that you spent helping me fix this problem.  Nancy, your work last weekend really helped narrow down the problem  I can't thank you enough. 

Here is the final resolution.

We think we have narrowed it down to how we handle custom domains. Your content seems to work fine in when hosted over the HTTPS protocol (default implementation) but since you are using a custom domain, it uses the HTTP protocol. We have to step through our code to see if this is the issue. We are still investigating this and will have an answer soon. (They tell me that as of this afternoon, my course is playing correctly through the LMS via the AMP!)

I will be doing my own testing tonight, but I think this will solve the problem.

Thanks again,


Jamie Smith

Let me throw my two cents in regarding use of the temp share. 

If you've previously published for LMS Tin Can, you'll need to republish for web only. The temp share does not support Tin Can and therefore returns the communication error. 

To test your Tin Can published project, you can use a free SCORM Cloud account. 

Also, we've had no success in deploying to the iPad using the HTML5 output.