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Steve Stark

Hi Leslie -

I cannot upload the exact .story file for the protection of my company, but I have altered the file with different content and attached that. I made notes on slides with whatever I changed (with the exception of feedback windows on the quizzes, which I have also updated).

I've kept results slides, triggers, and question point values the same - as I'm sure those are the primary causes for any issues.

A few things to note:

  • This module was created in SL1. My co-trainer has informed me that the issue still exists even when the course is published from SL2.
  • I have a feedback survey with both Likert & essay questions on one slide. Because SL only allows one kind of question on one slide, I used hidden essay question slides as Ashley helped me out with here.
  • Because this course has multiple quizzes, and I want to track all of them, I'm using the Hidden Survey Results slide (6.6.) for tracking all questions. 
  • The problem of scoring over 100% only seems to happen when the learner fails one of the quizzes, retakes it, and passes. If you go through the course perfectly on your first try, it will only score you at 100%, but no more.
  • I've spoken to a few of the learners who took they course. They informed me that the quiz results slides have never showed more than 100% for their score, and this has been true for my testing too.
  • I've tried many different ways of publishing this course to troubleshoot this issue, including tracking results slides instead of individual questions. I've also added a separate (hidden) results slide for the feedback survey and then made a "master" results slide gathering information from that + the three quizzes. Scores on the "master" results slide only show 100%, but  but scores are still showing over 100% in AO.

I've published the attached course to AO and taken it; you can see my score is 140 percent.

Your help is much appreciated!

Jennie L


I am having a similar problem, I have a course that has a 5 question knowledge check at the end - authored in SL2 but see attachment, one of our staff has received 120% - any help appreciated - I can't upload the file as it is sensitive data but would be happy to upload to a secure destination - this is a course sponsored by our Finance Dept. - so this kind of error is embarrassing to say the least :( I have tried to contact the staff member to see if anything strange occurred. We use Virtual College as our LMS.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennie

can you screenshot your result slide with the questions selected?

Do you happen to have another quiz slide throughout your module (you may have used a quiz template slide) that has been ticked in the result slide. See my example...we have quick checks throughout the module that are not counted in final grade.

Also check each quiz question that the marks allocated for correct answer are all the same

Jennie L

Update - LMS provider has escalated this up to their Technical Team as they are unable to replicate the issue. As a work around I have removed the calculation from the Results Slide so there is just a Pass/Fail notice displayed - not ideal, but rather that than incorrect scoring, especially in a finance package. I have a feeling this one will get lost in the annals......

Jennie L

Hi all,

Update - our LMS provider does not advise incorporating quizzes/assessments into the authoring content, rather we should build the quizzes/assessments using the LMS.

One of my colleagues has suggested using Articulate Quizmaker 2009  and advises it is 'compatible' with our LMS. Anyone got any thoughts? 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennie,

That's a shame to hear from your LMS provider - do they suggest a way to connect those to your course content? 

You can no longer purchase Quizmaker 09, but Quizmaker 13 is available. It's similar in structure and reporting that you'd find in Storyline, so I'm not sure how it would differ within your LMS. Did your LMS team recommend that as well? I can't seem to find if you mentioned which LMS you're using, but you may want to share that here in the event that others in the community can weigh in on the specifics of that LMS. 

Jennie L

Hi Ashley,

The suggestion is that I build the assessment/quiz in the LMS, this becomes an 'activity' and is associated with the uploaded course generated in SL2.  We have done this in the past and it works well but I would rather build the assessment/quiz in SL2. Building outside with either the LMS's tool or Quizmaker 09/13 seems disjointed when the functionality exists in SL2?

Apparently the problem is SCORM 1.2 in terms of the supposed compatibility it is intended to create between all ‘compliant’ authoring software and LMS’s. Apparently SCORM 1.2’s assessment reporting capabilities are the most flaky element???

The LMS we use is Virtual College.

Thanks again,