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Hi everyone,

After previewing my course, I've noticed that the overall score Storyline is calculating is incorrect.

I have 5 question banks with 10 questions picked in total (2 per bank).

Each correct answer is worth a value of 1.

When I previewed the course, I got 7/10 questions right, but only a score of 62.5%

Not only is this incorrect, but I also don't understand how I have scored the 0.5%

Could anyone help?

Thanks :)





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Hannah Stone

Thank you Phil

I've checked all the values and results slides and everything seems to be right

I do have questions where the user has to pick more than 1 answer. Will this effect the value?

I've done the maths and the percentage is correct if the result was out of 11 rather than the 10 question draw i have set. 

So are the the multiple response questions the cause? Should i have the value set differently?


Hannah Stone

I have a results slide for each of the question banks, and then an overall results one

I shall check that out, thank you!

Do I need to set specific conditions on my multiple response question variable to make sure that only the correct answer is submitting a value and nothing else is interfering?