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Hi, I have a storyline file where I have three modules and three quizzes.

Module one is shared content and must be completed by everyone before they are able to progress to module 2 or 3.  I have been able to do this with variables, etc and also allow only three attempts at each quiz.
As they cannot move on until module 1 is complete I didn't feel it needed to be a selected results slide in the overall results slide that I want to report to the LMS.

Module two and three are dependent on the person's role.
Some people will do one or the other and some will do both.

I have been searching and reading the blogs here and there was one comment that if you calculate your results by selected slides then all results slides must be visited.  I took this to mean that everyone would then have to visit results slides for both module 2 and 3. 

I want to be able to allow the users to do say module 1 and 2 and the overall results slide to report on that.
I also wasn't sure what the passing score should be as users must receive a grade of 100% to pass each module.  I tried 50% and 100% but both didn't work.
I can successfully get the failure to work on the overall results slide but I cannot figure out how to succeed...

Can anyone help please.

Cheers, Robyn

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Walt Hamilton

I would think that since they have to get 100% to pass, you have a binary situation. In that case, you can create a quiz with one question that the user doesn't see. If they pass either quiz 2 or 3, it sets the quiz question to the correct answer. Submit it, and pass the correct result.

I use a pick one or multiple choice slide that the user doesn't recognize as a quiz. If the user passes, a trigger sets an object that the user can't see (no fill, no outline, no text) to selected, and the quiz slide recognizes it as the correct answer.

If they can try both modules 2 and 3, you will need a trigger at the end of each quiz.

I would write on quiz 2 "Set state of object to Normal if... " user failed, and

"Set state of object to Selected if ... " user passed.

On quiz 3, it would read "Set state of object to Normal if ..." user failed, and

"Set state of object to Selected if... " user passed.

If you are great with variables and conditions, these can be written in shorter forms, but this way is pretty clear.


See the attached file. It was written for a different purpose, but the first slide passes on a pass/fail variable like what I think you want.

Robyn Lambell

Hi Walt,

Thank you so  much for your assistance.  I got it to work from a trigger on one of your results slides.
What I was doing wrong was setting the variable as a number .  I am by no means a variable expert I just fudge my way through.
What worked was comparing the score percentage with the score pass and success!!!

I got the answer from one of the triggers in your attachment.

Thank you so much.