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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve,

Did you also confirm that the times you've seen it you're viewing it in a supported browser as detailed here?  You'll want to ensure that you're viewing the Flash vs. HTML5 output in the browsers as listed, as viewing HTML5 in a non-supported browser could likely account for some of the odd behavior.

Ashley Terwilliger

It's always those inconsistent ones that are the trickiest to say one way or another why it's happening - some other things you could look into:

  • browser version (look to be on the latest update) 
  • whether it's on the first attempt or a reload of the course
  • only within your LMS vs. hosting in a temporary location such as Tempshare.articulate.com or SCORM Cloud?  
  • Changes in internet connection, wifi speed, etc. 

If you're able to narrow it down further to something you can reproduce, please keep us posted. You can also share the link to your course here and we can look at replicating it as well based on our own set ups.