Overlapping Sound in layers

Hey all, I have a sound issue...

I have a menu screen with a pie chart and instructional text audio.  The pie chart is all buttons so you can click on each section to bring up a new layer to learn about each section.  Each pie chart section also has text with audio.

My problem is if you are in the screen and listening to the main menu audio and click a piece of the chart before the menu audio is finished you hear both screens.  How can I tell Storyline to stop playing the menu audio once a user clicks on the pie chart to open a new layer?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Mike!

You should be able to attach a trigger that will pause the media for the menu when you're viewing the additional layer, or when the user interacts with the object that opens the layer from the pie chart. 

If you're unable to get this to work, you're welcome to share your project's .STORY file here on the forums. Maybe we can give you some additional suggestions.


Jose Antonio Gomes

I had a process template with 13 layers all with different sound... First when i clicked on a button to change layer before the sound was over i had sound overlap...

To prevent this got to the properties of every single layer and choose:

"pause timeline of base layer"

This stops the sounds from the previous layer and it only play the actual layer you're at.

Hope it helps

Ameya Kapre

I had 4 different ovals and their 4 respective audios were to be played when you click on each of them. I faced the same problem with overlapping audios. I simply created Play/Stop triggers, ex trigger when user clicks on oval 2, stop audio for oval 1, 3, 4 and similarly when user clicks on oval 3, stop audios for 1,2,4 and so on n so forth. It worked !