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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Wendy. That's definitely disruptive behavior.

  • I'm interested if there are slide masters, slide transitions and/or animations on slides where this happens.
  • It looks like you are linking to your content in SCORM Cloud. Can you nail down whether this overlap is happening on a specific browser?
  • Is there any difference if you reduce the size of the browser window?

We'll put our heads together on it!

Wendy Morgan

Hi Crystal. There are slide masters, slide transitions, and/or animations just about everywhere, and we collect our data through SCORM Cloud. I haven't been able to nail anything down yet as this is the first I've heard of it. However, if you could provide a list of specific questions we can pose to our QA people, we could start to narrow it down


Crystal Horn

Thanks for the reply, Wendy. We're happy to help you with that process. The things I look for are browsers that display the behavior and whether it's reproducible in a new file with the same setup. Feel free to loop us into your troubleshooting – We're happy to test your file and confirm if there's an issue on our end.