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Apr 13, 2015


I have Articulate Storyline 1.  I am creating a course and am embedding a video clip into the course.  The video is 1 hour and 17 minutes long.

In order to ensure that people watch the whole video, I am embedding letters into an overlay so that people see the letters appear at certain times during the video.  They then note them and report them at the end of the course to prove that they watched the video.

Since the video is 1:17 long, I am assuming that the slide has to be that long.  I am wanting to have layers appear at different times during the video.  But I am only able to place the layer at 1000 seconds max, which is about 17 minutes into the video. 

I want to have the layers appear at 35 minutes and 1 hour or so into the video.

How do I do that?

I hope this is clear.


Robert Land


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Robert

I just tested the timeline in SL1 and whilst you can't move duration past 1000 seconds in the timing dialogue box it appears you can manually drag the timeline past the 1000 second mark -  not ideal to have to drag, but it may be a workaround to help with your project.  Someone else may have a better way of doing it...good luck.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert, 

My other thought if you've already got the timeline set to match the length of the video, instead of adding new layers what about adding individual objects to appear on the timeline for a set length? This way no triggers are involved, but the elements just will appear based on their timeline element. You'll just want to ensure that the objects are placed in front of the video. 

Also, just an FYI it looks like you may have replied via email which can include your signature here. Nothing you need to do - but just worth noting. You're also always able to update your post to edit/remove that information. 

Robert Land

Hi Thank you,

I realized that it is not the right way to do this anyhow. If someone
paused the video, the timeline would keep playing and it would mess up
the timing. Also, if they were to fast forward the video, they might be
done before the timeline completed, not showing all the objects. So, I
think we need to embed that info into the video itself.

Thank you for the help, though.

Just learning still, but getting a feel for things.



Robert Land


Thank you.

So let me get this right.

So, I am embedding a vimeo video in the course using the embed code.

I go under video controls and disable them both at Vimeo and in Storyline.

The timeline will then sync to the video?

If that’s the case would that also mean if someone left and came back the video would pick up where they left off?

Do I have this right?

Wow, I am sure glad I asked.

Thank you, I will work with this.



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Steve Flowers

External video embedded with iframe code won't communicate, sync, or restore on the timeline through any built-in method.

However, you might have some luck using the Vimeo API through PostMessage. You'd need to build some custom scripts to pickup from the video when a particular time has been reached. You could also use a similar listener to log "watched time" through accumulation using a similar method.


Since the SL timeline isn't readable or writeable through any external player API, no way to cause the embedded video to go to a particular time or read the playhead from the video into the SL player.

Chris Cole

Hi Robert - When you said you were embedding a video, I didn't take that to mean that you were, well, embedding it, I took it to mean you were just importing a video into SL.  :) Sorry about that.

So... embedding an external video... I see this from Articulate:

Important: YouTube videos will be synchronized with the slide timeline. Other website videos will play independently of the slide timeline.

So you may be back to square 1 as far as synching issues go.


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