Overlooked item in the Fill in the Blank Quiz?

I was testing the Fill in the Blank style quiz and realized that the default setting was that customers must actually click inside the text entry box in order to first set the focus and that this is true of every single question in the quiz. Naturally I assumed that it would be easy to select an option for text entry to always have the focus when a slide becomes visible. However, I cannot find it. Can we have the Quiz automatically set focus to text entry fields so the end user does not have to do this?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

And yet, interestingly, if you instead create a Freeform quiz, Text Entry Interaction, the cursor IS sitting in the text entry box. And, looking  at the Question Pane on the right, I see "set textentry equal to the typed value when the control loses focus,", same as the Fill in the Blank quiz. Hmmm.