Overwrite single SWF on LMS instead of re-publish course?

I need to change the wording in the feedback for one quiz question in my Storyline course, which is published on our company's LMS 's.

It is possible to simply overwrite the corresponding SWF file for that quiz question on the LMS, so that I don't need to republish the entire 2-hour course? (If I republish the course, any learner who has started but not completed the course will have to start the course over). Thanks for any insights you may have.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Jeremy:

Do you have file level (or FTP) access to the folders of your LMS?

Do you know where in the folder structure your published courses are located on your LMS platform?

Do you know the file name of the specific file?

If you can answer yes to the questions above, then you can overwrite the file, however, be aware that one of the fuinctions of an LMS is to preserve the state of all files (the uploaded courses files) for any course a user is registered to.

If your LMS complies with this, those registered users who have already launched the course will not see the changed file. Only users who have not launched the course will see the new version.

Hope this solves your issue.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall