Packaging multiple SCO's in 1 SCORM package

Nov 20, 2014

I asked this question of packaging multiple sco's in a 2 part question in another thread but thought I would break it off into it's own. Here is the response I got:

We don't support tracking multiple SCOs in the same course, although there are some unsupported methods detailed here.

I understand that tracking isn't supported for multiple sco's in one course. But, your definition of a course is different than mine. Your idea of a course is one storyline project.

Where I work we create courses for the education market. These courses typically contain multiple lessons (think of being at school). A lesson in my mind is one storyline project, it could contain a quiz or not depends on the course design.

In the example pic below you can see that there are many sco's (lessons) combined to make the full course (1 scorm package) in this lms each with their own method of tracking. You don't see the full course in this picture, but to create this course in one storyline project would be impossible as we both know. It would take thousands of slides and over 50 quizzes and tests.

Multiple SCO

I am just testing your software right now, but I was just curious as to why articulate, a company on the leading edge of eLearning development wouldn't also have produced a software application that can package multiple SCO's into one SCORM package for deployment to LMS's.

Instead users have to go out and use 3rd party software to make this work. I am sure they work fine, and have used some of them many moons ago.

But, I would rather have something that was produced by the company that supports the software I develop my courses in. This way I am confident it has been tested and works well with what is published from storyline.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gary!

Some additional information that may assist you.

Showing multiple Quiz Scores on one Result Slide

Or you can have a final Result Slide of all of your result slides.

I'm sure that others in the community can chime in with their suggestions as well.

If you would like to submit a feature request, you are welcome to do so here.

Gary Collins

It's not really suggestions I am looking for to solve an issue, it is more of a response as to why articulate wouldn't create additional software such as the JCA Solutions - Simple SCORM Packager to allow developers to combine multiple published storyline projects into one zipped up scorm package that can be loaded into an lms.

I can do what I want ith JCA solutions, but how old is this software? when is the last time it has been updated? 

If articulate created their version of the scorm packager I would be confident that it has been tested and works with the published content from storyline projects.

Maybe I am not being clear, lol.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

Why questions are often among the hardest to answer, since it probably wouldn't be productive for our software architects to be active daily participants in our Discussion Forums. With that being said, our product development team doesn't share our product road map and as such I can't comment on if this is something we have/have not considered or plan to implement. 

If you would like to see something like this within the Articulate product suite, the best option is to share your thoughts with our product development team in the form of a feature request. Those are tracked and categorized for review by our team as they look at future updates, versions and new software/products. 

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Just to echo what Ashley said, from years of being in betas tests and other things, Articulate takes feature requests very seriously.  The more "votes" for a feature, the greater the chance it may possibly have a chance of getting incorporated in a future release.

I assuming this is still pretty accurate:

And if you see somebody suggest something in the forums that you also like, don't just depend on them to submit a feature request.  Add your own voice with your own feature request.

Also, while I, too, might like to see a list of all the submitted feature suggestions, I can understand and accept why this information is not freely available.  I'd consider features requests as a type of intellectual property (IP).  And with the authoring tool industry so competitive, it doesn't make sense to reveal to your competitors what your customers are asking for.  I'd do the same as Articulate does and want to protect my IP rigorously.

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