page count + navigation in question bank

Hi there,

I'm building a quiz in storyline 360. My assignment here at work is:

  • 15 questions have to be fired randomly to the students
  • Students should be allowed to navigate back and forward through the questions before submitting them all.
  • Students should know at which question they are.

So i put all questions in a question bank. Set it to 'draw questions randomly' and include all questions.

I searched and found a way to do a page count with a variable i called 'Qnumbering' and added a trigger on each slide: (add 1.00 to Qnumbering when the timeline starts). I added "%Qnumbering% / 15" as text on top of my slide.

This works as promised. It starts with 1/15 and when i move on 2/15 and so on.

Problem: When i hit the previous button it still adds a number. Instead of going back to 3/15, 4/15 is displayed to the previous question.

I tried to be smart and added a substract 1.00 when the previous button is clicked: 1 was deducted, but off course also added on the previous slide. Instead of going back from 3/15 to 2/15.... 3/15 was displayed. One better but still not good... 

The plot thickens...maybe some wizards here can help? 


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Christine Cho

Thank you so much for this post! It helped greatly.  As a follow-up/additional question to this, how would you stop the first question (in the random questions) from counting -1, -2, etc. if someone were to go 'prev' to that one?

I'm using SL3 as an exam, so I have a title page, then it goes straight into the random questions. If you click on previous on question 1, you go back to the title page, but when you click next, the page count is now -1.