Pages "flashing" or "twinkling" on Ipad

Jul 03, 2013


I created a 30 minutes Articulate Storyline module (41 slides) and I have different issues when I visualize them on Ipads.

The specific issues are listed below (sorted by Ipad versions).

The module was uploaded on a MOS platform so I published my module with the following output options: SCORM 2004 4th edition. There are simple storyline animations on each slide and light pictures were inserted as well.  The module output weights 13,0 Mo (including around 13 minutes of sound recordings).


On my computers everything is fine (I tested the module on a PC with Windows 7 (IE7) and on a Mac (Safari). My bandwidth on the computers is around 1520 Ko/sec / 12161 Kbps.


I tested all the modules with wifi connexion which is 429 ko/sec / 3435 Kbps.

Shared issues:

- The module flashes ot twinkles randomly.

For example: I open slide 4 and the screen twinkles several times. Then it stops twinkling. Then I click on something on the page and it goes fine. I disconnect and reopen the same slide. No twinkling or flash....

- Hover on some markers do not work.

  • Ipad 1 model A1337 32 GB

- The module is extremely slow (3 to 10 seconds to see the next slide). Quizzes answers are especially very slow to display.

- Hotspots do work but after 10 seconds on average.

- The volume control do not work.

- Couldn't finish the module (it froze 2 times during my 2 tests)

- When I click one time on a button. I wait. Nothing happens. I click again. It zooms (instead of doing the action).

- When I take the ipad in my hands (versus of putting it on a table), the module is displayed on the right corner and stays there (and I cannot see the whole screen).

  • Ipad 2 model A1395 64 GB

No other problems than the one shared with all ipads.

  • Ipad 3 model A1430 16 GB

- one page is showing different content randomly. I have several icons on the page and if the learner clicks on each icon a different text appears. There are 6 icons so there are 1 + 6 layers. I putted the sound on the first layer and no sound on the other ones. I also putted an Marker (an arrow) to show there are clickable zones.

> Sometimes, when I show layers 2,3,4,5,6 or 7, the sound of layer 1 is played again and the arrow of layer 1 is also diplayed.

For all those layers (2,3,4,5,6 and 7) I selected "hide other slide layers" and "hide objects on other base layer".

  • Ipad 4: I'll do the test tomorrow and tell you the result.

Do you have solutions to my problems?


PS: Sorry i cannot send you the file but the content is confidential.

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