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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Rick!

It sounds like a built-in slide numbering feature would be helpful for you! I've seen this request before, so I'll definitely bring it up with our Product team again. I know using variables and triggers for this can be cumbersome, and a built-in feature would make life easier! 

Are you trying to use the variables and triggers method in your project? Let me know if you're having trouble with it!

Simon Blair

Hi Rick,

We do something similar with the %pageNumber% / %pageCount%.

In addition to that, we have triggers on the master slides to increment/decrement pageNumber when the user clicks the next or previous button. Trigger order matters, so make sure these are before the jump to next/previous slide triggers.

That should take care of automatically changing the current page number. All that's left is to set an initial value. You can either set that for the variable (e.g. defaults to 1) or have a single trigger to set it to 1 on the first slide with a page number (or one such trigger at the start of each chapter).

One thing to be careful of is if you have any triggers that allow jumping to a slide other than the previous or next. In those cases, your page numbers can get messed up unless you manually set them after the jump.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rick and Simon, 

Great news! Storyline 360 now has slide numbers! 🌟 

For more details, check out the following discussions and examples:

Hope that helps with your course design!