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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ian, 

As Leslie mentioned this is still in the hands of our QA team for further investigation. I'm not a coder myself, so I wouldn't begin to know how easy/hard it is - but I was curious what you meant by accessibility feature? Currently, Storyline’s Flash-based output is compliant with Section 508 accessibility guidelines but not our HTML5 output. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Ah, thanks Ian for clarifying - end of a long day, left me a bit foggy. :) 

The paragraph spacing still does not carry through to the HTML5 output, so it may appear as one larger paragraph making it harder to read - but the notes are still accessible there for hearing impaired users to read. I was thinking you were talking more about viewing it with a screen reader or similar. We'll keep you posted once we have additional information from our QA team about the behavior. 

Oscar Gagliardi, Jr.

Hi Ashley,

I posted this solution on another post. I think it will help other developers fix this issue until Articulate implements the solution. I know you don't support modifying the code, but here it is:

If you add this code to the player.css file located in the "mobile" folder (within the set of published files), the spacing between paragraphs is properly restored in the notes section when the eLearning program is viewed in HTML5 mode:

.transcript_content p {
    padding-bottom: 10px;