Paragraph spacing changing text size in slide master

Hello everyone,

In my project in Storyline 2 I have several slides in the slide master where I want to set the default paragraph spacing to 6pt before and after. When I make the change, it increases the default text size in the text box. I then change the text size back to the original size. However, after I do that, the spacing is no longer part of the text box. I keep going back and forth and the spacing won't stick with the original text size. After conferring with a co-worker, I turned off the "Autofit" option. I'm still having this issue though. 

Is there somewhere else I should look? I change the paragraph spacing by right-clicking the text-box and clicking on "paragraph." 

Thanks for reading this!


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Dave Melkman

Hi Leslie

Just written a post about this issue and have now stumbled across this thread (subsequently deleted my post).

I'm trialling the software for hundreds of pages of eLearning (being ported from other tools), and being able to set default paragraph styles in the slide master is a deal breaker.  Any news on this one?


Chris Dorna

When there are a lot of textboxes to be changed you can generate a translation document, correct the formatting in Word and import the corrected document. In th edocument you can delete the rows that are not changed. Importing goes faster and you don't have to check all the text in your project. Not the perfect solution but perhaps it works for you.

Wade Murphy

I'm adding my comment, as well - not only to get notified re: replies, but also to provide my feedback.

I am creating templates for the IDs with Nike. This probably goes without saying, but Nike is a very brand-conscious organization. With that reality comes a need for attention to detail. The ability to adjust settings like kerning and line spacing within a template is not a bonus; it is a necessity.

Of course, I could send instructions to our team to set the paragraph spacing in their presentations, slide by slide. But that is asking for inconsistency. And it makes the templates seem sub-par, lacking, incomprehensive, etc.

Articulate provides a great number of important benefits to an organization. However, my one main complaint is that Articulate is lacking in capabilities and tools related to design. In that arena, they are not much more advanced than those one can find in PowerPoint.

Graphic Design is an integral part of Instructional Design - one that is absolutely essential in the pursuit of engaging learners, illustrating concepts, facilitating knowledge transfer, tailoring materials to the audience, and reflecting/promoting an organization's brand. To really serve the Instructional Design community, eLearning tools must have adequate design tools and capabilities. Without such, I really question whether the value reaches the purchase price.

And, after running into the paragraph spacing in master slides issue, I find it disconcerting that researching the issue has brought me here - where no real update or advancement has been provided after an entire year.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Wade for sharing your additional perspective here - I included it in the report filed with our QA team as additional insight into the need and rationale for why this is so important for particular users. I don't have any additional information to share at this time, but we'll be certain to keep you posted once we do. 

Brett Rockwood

Sorry but I have to jump in here on your response, Ashley. This isn't about an issue that is "important for particular users," it's a bug in Storyline where you have a feature that clearly is not working as it is supposed to. Maybe not everyone uses master slides or sets custom line and paragraph spacing but they are part of the master slide set up in Storyline and they do not work.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett, 

Perhaps it's misstated or misread - text can always be trickier that way. I certainly didn't intend to imply that it wasn't an important fix that is needed or that it wasn't a bug. What I was conveying with that statement was we share the "customer impact and pain" as a part of our reports to QA - and some bugs seem to impact more customers or impact particular customers more broadly. I'm sorry if that sentiment was not received as intended. 

Anne England

Hi everyone

I've just come across this problem myself. I have updated Storyline 2 recently, and my master slides are refusing to apply spacing to my paragraph style, which they did before. By this I mean that I apply 6pt spacing after paragraphs, leave the slide or close the master view, go back in and the formatting hasn't changed. How has this suddenly happened? This is a BIG deal as I am working on a major project that involves at least 500 slides, and our quote to the client doesn't include manually changing paragraph spacing on individual slides.