parallax concepts

I was wondering if anyone has build courses that utilization parallax concepts?  Parallax  concepts are when  slides seem to flip and move/animate with the scroll or the movement of a mouse. If so, how could this be done?

Here are some website examples:  (Little guy at the bottom) (Bubbles and fish)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shawn,

There's also a lot of post out there on the forums on this topic but they're generally associated with a mouse trigger (clicking a button or similar), but maybe one of these might work for you:

Creating Flipbook using Storyline

Storyline Flipcard Interaction Template

Flash Card Effect

Using States

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shawn,

I remembered that David Anderson had created a couple cool examples in PowerPoint and PowerPoint can be "saved as" video and imported into Storyline.

Here are the two links for his Screenrs:



Also came across a couple threads with discussions here and here

What are you planning?

Pedro Fernandez

Sorry about that.  I am having serious issues with the web servers (connecting through snow bound NE).  I keep hitting a 404 wall with the Articulate website.


I put together a very rough example of a parallax effect, based on information from a previous Bruce Graham post ( and some insight from a few Screenrs I found on the web.

It's rough but it works AND it scrolls left and right.  I am sure that others can put together a better example using finer State Changes, JavaScript or layers but it's a start!

Iffaf Khan


I have looked at the examples of parallax scrolling here, and they are amazing.  Thank you everyone.

However, I am a little nervous because the instructions on some of the demo sites don't help me because there is no story file to go with them.

I am using as my inspiration for a new game I'm making.  Please advise me on how the creator got the scrolling effect and the arrows for navigation.

Thank you kindly,