Parse Imported Text Boxes from PowerPoint

Aug 21, 2015

I imported a PowerPoint presentation someone else designed into Articulate which includes a bunch of text boxes.  I would like to insert a drag and drop freeform slide using the contents of a text box.  Unfortunately, all the choices were imported into one text box.  Are there any suggestions for breaking out (parsing) each item from a single text box into multiple text boxes so I can perform this action.  Thank you!



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Rob S

As another example, the following quiz item imported from PowerPoint as a single text box. How do I enable a "pick many"?  The ungroup feature under the Drawing Tools ==> Format menu is not enabled.


Prior to dealing with hazardous chemical in your workplace, it is important for you to know the location of ?  Select all that apply.

Safety data sheets

Eyewash stations

Your supervisor

Emergency shower stations


Rob S

Thank you Leslie and Phil for your suggestions.  I'll try the copy and paste text into word, convert to table, copy table into PPT, ungroup, and then import into Storyline.  Just sounds like a lot of manual work for something I thought would be automated.  In the future, I hope the folks that develop the training content in PPT will keep Articulate limitations in mind (i.e. textboxes cannot be ungrouped).

Phil Mayor

I don't see  it is an articulate limitation as Word and PPT textbooks cannot be ungrouped, as they are just lists and textboxes have never worked like that.

It may make a nice feature request, the word option is probably more longwinded than simply recreating as separate objects in Storyline.