Parsing Bulleted Text Boxes from PPT

I am creating lessons using imported PPTs.  I love that Storyline retains all screen objects from PPT so that they can be manipulated, but i'm finding an issue with text boxes.  Many of our text boxes have 5 or 6 bulleted items in them.  And to animate each bulleted item, after importing into Storyline, I have to cut/paste each bulleted item out of the PPT text box, align them properly, and then animate each of them.

Is there a way to automate this tedious process of stripping bullets out of large text boxes?  Thank you.

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Colleen Melie

I'm not sure if this works for imported PPT, but I animate individual bullets in a single large text box using the Animations tab. Click on the text box you're working with then click on the Animations tab at the top.  Find Entrance Animation on the left, click on the drop-down menu for effect options, and select by paragraph.  This will animate bullets in one at a time.  Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim,

If the text is inside one textbox, you'll see it listed as one item on your timeline, but if you expand it you'll notice that it's inside a group.

You can see the items that way, but it won't adjust the individual timing if you move those separate bullets, as they're all connected to the timing of the first bullet.