Partial credit for multiple answer quiz questions?

Jul 14, 2014

I've created a multiple response quiz question. There are 4 correct responses and the question is worth 4 points. It is only awarding points if you choose ALL correct responses. I would like for it to award partial credit. I.e., if the student chooses 2 correct responses and 2 incorrect responses, I would like for it to show 2 points earned.

I can't find a way to do this. Is it possible?

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Greg Faust

Hi, and welcome to the forums!

I'm not sure how you have this set up.

  • A "Multiple Response" quiz slide type doesn't even give "Score: By Choice" as an option for me.
  • "Multiple Choice" (i.e. pick one) allows "Score: By Choice", but it uses radio buttons, so it's possible to select only one choice. Breaking the button group allows multiple radio buttons to be selected, but when previewed, the quiz slide refuses to accept multiple picks as a submission.

I know that what you want can be done with triggers. What's your level of expertise? Don't fret if you haven't used triggers before; they're meant to be user-friendly. I'll run through how I would start setting this up, in hopes that this will get you going in the right direction:

Set up your answer choices as Checkbox buttons (like the ones found in a Multiple Response question).

Declare a variable "Q1Score" (or replace 1 with whatever question it is). Number, default value = 0.

Add a trigger to the Submit button (Submit button can be added to non-quiz slides either by selecting the slide in Story View or by right-clicking the background in Slide View and selecting "Properties"):


Adjust Variable




<number of points you want to give for answer choice A>

When user clicks Submit button

(Add conditions)


(Select Shapes)

Button corresponding to choice A

== equal to


Duplicate that trigger for each choice you want to add (or even subtract) points. (Actually, I would suggest adding a point subtraction for wrong answers, since otherwise someone can get maximum points just by selecting every option). For each choice with a point value, replace the number of points next to "Value" and the button being checked by the conditions. (also, you can use "-Subtract" instead of "+Add" for negative value choices, if you like).

End result: When someone clicks "Submit", you'll have a variable (Q1Score) with the point value earned for that question. You can then use that variable in a custom results slide.

Fun fact: You can display the value of a variable in a text box with the text %VariableName%. For example:

"Your score is %Q1Score% out of 35" (or replace 35 with however many possible points there were).

Also: You'll probably want an "Adjust State of Submit Button to Disabled when User Clicks Submit Button" (or similar) to keep people from racking up points with repeated clicks of the submit button.

Let us know how this goes. If necessary, I can throw together an example of the above.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bernadeta,

This discussion is a bit older, so perhaps it was created in a previous version of Storyline than you're using? What version/update are you authoring with? 

Do you have the .story file that you're using - could you share it here with the community? That way folks could take a look at your triggers and set up, as with things like this it often comes down to something simple like trigger order. 

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