Partial Pixel Changes Between Different Views of Storyline Course

Oct 21, 2020


In recent projects I have noticed that what I see on the development stage in Storyline 360 does not appear the same way as it does in both preview mode and once it is published. I have attached 3 images of a sidebar I have created, each in one of those three modes. For reference, all sidebar rectangles (not including the rounded rectangle) are the same width and height, are at the same x-coordinate,  have the same outline strength of 2, and the outline on the left side of each rectangle is meant to be off the slide. Here are the main discrepancies:

  • In the stage view, Rectangle 1 is aligned at top with the divider line between the white and the light blue areas, and there is for some unknown reason a partial pixel difference in width between Rectangle 5 and Rectangle 6.
  • In Preview mode, Rectangle 1 is now slightly above the divider line, and all of Rectangles 3-A are perfectly aligned on the right side.
  • When viewed in Articulate Review on Chrome, Rectangle 1 is still slightly above the divider, and Rectangles 1 and 3-9 have shifted a partial pixel to the right, so part of their left outlines is now showing on screen, yet Rectangle A remained in the correct position.

For some extra context, this specific project is one that has many developers working on it, and we have created a template module to base all of our other modules on. Since that original module has been created, there have been multiple Articulate 360 updates. I have heard recently that objects within Storyline that were created on a different computer and/or a different version of Storyline will potentially have issues.

Is either the 'objects being off by partial pixels' or the 'potential cause of being from a different computer or version of Storyline' known issues at Articulate? And if so, are there remedies being discussed and/or planned? I ask because recreating a large percentage of the individual objects in each module for a project with multiple modules in order to make sure our slides look properly aligned and presentable should be completely unnecessary, and isn't possible on tighter budgets.

To the community, has anyone else noticed these small discrepancies when moving from the development stage to preview mode or a published output?

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Mary Medlen

Hello - not sure if this is still an issue for you, Luke. I just had a similar issue and upon detailed review, finally noticed that there were 2 layered images, and I was matching the rectangles to the image that was in front, but should have been matching it to the one behind it. Once I discovered this, it was an easy fix!