Parts of the audio is silent when playing back in published version


I have several audio clips inserted into one slide. When I am queuing up animation and playing back audio plays fine. When I use the "Preview This Slide" option it plays fine. When I use the "Preview Enter Project" option it plays fine. However, when I publish the file and View This Project the first audio clip is silent, but the audio is loud and clear when the player gets to the second, third and forth audio clip on that slide. 

In the View this Project version (after publishing it) I even try clicking on the replay button and it's still silent but when I click on the actual seek bar the audio automatically turns on for that audio clip.  I don't know if I am missing a setting in the actual auto clip but this is the first time I am experiencing this. This this weird? Is this just me? Should I just re-record that audio clip? Just a side note, this has happened on a couple different Storyline files, not just this one.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sandie,

Thanks for reaching out! Did you publish the project for Web or LMS? Instead of clicking 'View this Project', you'll want to test it in the same environment where your users will see it.

In other words...

  • If you published for Web, test the published file in Tempshare.
  • If you published for LMS, test the published file in SCORM Cloud.

Let me know if that makes a difference!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Sandie,

Sometimes, yes. Security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network can cause some features of your content to fail if you test it locally, so it's best to host the output somewhere before you test it. 

If you don't see a difference after hosting it in Tempshare or SCORM Cloud, let me know. We'll need to keep digging. :)