Pass Quiz, Skip to End of Course

Hi All,

I am tasked with creating a course in SL 2 which will begin with a quiz. If the learner gets an 80% or above they receive credit and don’t have to take the rest of the module. They will advance to a results page. If they don’t pass, they have to continue on to the end of the course to receive credit. I’m hoping this can be done with variables. Is there a formula that will allow the learner to go directly to the results page and/ or continue on to view the rest of the required course? Thank you in advance!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karyn!

You do not have to enable retries if you do not want. 

How are you tracking completion of the course? I think Wendy was assuming by the results slide, which is probably why she mentioned the reset.

Sounds like your course may be linear. If you'd like to report completion to your LMS on a specific slide in your Articulate Storyline course, see this article for one way to do it.