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Jul 26, 2016


We have developed an internal tracking/reporting  system and I am looking to pass a quiz score from Articulate Storyline published as HTML5 to PHP using Post method. Once I get it top PHP, I can handle saving it to the MySQL database.

Has anyone been able to pass the Score variable (and name, email) to a PHP file? 

Many thanks in advance,


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Geert Jan Geertsma

Dear reader,

I've used this method but am experiencing some problems.

My Storyline output is published on a website and it works flawlessly but only from the computer which I've used to create the Storyline product. The web address I'm using when creating the webobject is pointing to folder on my local machine. It contains te necesarry files (.html, .js, .php). After inserting the webobject into the Storyline slide I find the files to be copied to a local directory of the output structure (something like: ....\My Articulate Projects\De leffert FM-50 configurator v1.2 - Storyline output\story_content\WebObjects). I assumed the webobject would use these local files using an internal reference so it's independent of the computer it's being used. Am I wrong?


Geert Jan

Troy Wyatt

Hi  Russel, i know this was a year ago but I've just come across the thread. 

Great little example script, works well to start in the right direction for what we are wanting to do we just need to get the php to shoot the data off to where its needed.

Any idea how to get this to run on a local machine ? on a server it works fine, but locally when it prompts for saving the php file and stops there.

Russell Killips

Hello Troy,

PHP is code that gets executed server side. There is a way to get PHP to run on your machine.

When developing in PHP and MySQL, I usually work locally on my machine by installing WampServer.

WampServer is a free application. It is a web development environment for Apache, MySQL and PHP. I create the same MySQL database on my computer that is used on the Server.

This way I can code and test locally on my machine. When ready, I just have to change the PHP connect string for the server MySQL database and then upload.

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