Passed / failed and number of attempts

Jun 04, 2020

Hi everyone, 

I have a little problem with the exam I built on articulate storyline. 

When I drop it on our LMS, it always returns Complete / Incomplete results but in my articulate projet I specified that it as to communicate to the LMS Pass / Fail. Since I did not get the chance to try out an other LMS I do not know if it is the way I did something on articulate or if it is the LMS config problem. We are also using Shika LMS from Techjoomla which is a LMS that you add to a Joomla website. 

Also, the number of attempts, even if I put 1 attempt on my lesson in the LMS, when the lesson is incomplete, the user can redo it as long as it is not completed... 
This is a big problem because it is an official exam and it as to be only one attempt. 

Could someone help us or give us a hint of what i could be. 

Any advice is welcomed. 

Thank you! 



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Valerie!

It could be a specific setting within your LMS that needs to be altered. To see if the error is is in your LMS or course, we recommend testing the course in SCORM cloud. We have detailed steps listed in this article.

If you would like me to test the course on my end, you can attach the .story file to this discussion. If you prefer to share the content privately, you can use this secure upload link. Either way, we'll test the course in different environments and share our findings!

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