I am setting up a project that has a quiz at the end. Students need to get a 70% or higher to pass and complete the session followed by the quiz.  I have tracking set up for "Track using quiz results" and I have the LMS reporting set up for "Passed/Incomplete"  

I am testing this in SCORM cloud, but when I pass the quiz, it is showing the session as incomplete. 

How can I set this up so that once users pass the quiz, they are also marked complete?


Thank you

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Brittany, sorry to hear you've encountered this issue, and thanks for letting us know you've already tested in SCORM Cloud. Since the tracking isn't working correctly in SCORM Cloud, we'll want to take a look at your file to do some further investigation. You can share it here in the forums by clicking the Add Attachment button, or if you prefer to share it privately, you can do so by way of this form. 

Brittany Waltmire

I would rather not up load the session publicly, and the last time I submitted a support case, it took almost a week for some one to get back to me. Honestly, I got the answers faster by submitting a discussion.

That being said, can you give me some feedback as to what the problem is? My biggest thing is that there isn't a "Passed/Complete" setting. 

I am not sure what settings I should be using to get the reporting to show as "passed/compete"

Thank you

Alyssa Gomez

I'm sorry to hear that Brittany. Our support engineers are available 24/7 and are usually very fast with response time, within one business day or less. Without seeing your file, it can be tough to pinpoint the issue. Have you selected your Results Slide in the Reporting and Tracking Options as explained here?

Alyssa Gomez

I went ahead and tested your file with both HTML5 and Flash and uploaded to SCORM Cloud, and I saw the behavior you described in both versions. I also noticed that the quiz would periodically mark my answers incorrect, even when I selected the correct answer - have you noticed that, as well? 

I passed all of this information along to the support engineers, and hopefully they will be in contact with you shortly.