Passing a score from Captivate to Storyline

I have created an assessment simulation in Captivate 5.  What I need to do is grab the score from Captivate (as a variable?) and then plug that score into a Storyline Blank Results Slide. 

The problem is that I can't publish the Story for the LMS because without the result slide, the only tracking would be from completing all pages which would not be correct in this case. (i.e. they could fail the assessment and still pass the course).

Can anyone tell me how to:

1. capture the captivate result

2. Put that result into a viarable that can be used on the Blank Results Slide?

Or any other work-around.

Thank you,


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Michael Hinze

To have a Captivate assessment running inside a Storyline project seems a rather protracted way to get a score, but it may be worth exploring if you could pass the Captivate score to a Javascript variable and then pass the variable's value into Storyline. Here some info on JavaScript and Storyline and here is some info on using JavaScript with Captivate.