Passing and failing language display together for quiz results


I created a quiz using the limit number of attempts tutorial.  I did everything the video said to do.  However, when I fail the test 2 times, and then on my third and last attempt, I pass the quiz, both the congratulations and the failure language displays.  I need the failure language to NOT display when the user passes on the third attempt, and only have the congratulations language display.  See attached. Please help.

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Kathleen Federici

I checked the slide layers and everything is correct for the layers in the results slide.  When success is active, failure is closed, etc.  I cannot have both sets of language on the slide when someone passes on the third attempt. Attached is the file for your review.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kathleen,

The elements you added are within the disabled state- not on a layer and therefore, once the button is disabled based on the users attempts - those pieces appear. You'll want to include them as elements on your Failure layer instead. 

Please check out the changes I made to your .story file- and I stripped it down to just a few questions for ease of testing. 

Kathleen Federici

Hi Ashley:

I do appreciate the tip about the layer but it did not work.  However, I rethought the entire thing and went another way, which I just tested and it worked.  I don't understand why the text both your and mine would not show on the failure layer despite the added triggers.

Oh well.  Thanks for your help and have a great week!