Passing completion status to a non SCORM LMS with non SCORM published courses via Javascripts

Has anyone built non SCORM publish courses and was able to pass complete or incomplete status to a non SCORM LMS?  My client has an LMS, but it is not set up for SCORM.  I am building courses that is consisted of 12 slides and by the half way point - there are two 1 minute knowledge check, to track their attention. The point here is to see if the student is really paying attention or just paging through and doing something else.  I have been researching before I post this and seen some that are doing it with javascripts. I am not well versed in javascript, but willing to try.  I've also found this screencast.

This would work great, but we have an average of 80 to 100 students per day logging in and it really doesn't have a way to track if the student is really learning or applying what they have learned.

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