Passing Data to the LMS

I need help!  I am not technical, so this is way out of my league.

We are using Saba 5.5 as our LMS and it has a 4096 max character limit on the data that is passed from a course. With Studio, it was more clear what text from the question and answer were being passed and we got around this by saving text in the question as a picture so it would not count. 

With Storyline, I am unclear on what is being passed to the LMS and even though I tried saving all of the text as pictures, I am hitting the max multiple times.  Here is an example of a question - I have saved each of the text boxes (crazy amount of text, I know, but that is what the client wants!) as a picture.  I welcome all help and suggestions - thanks!

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Meg Johnston

Hi Peter,

The article is very informative, thank you!   We have to have the resume feature and we can't use SCORM 2004 yet, so the only workaround that is possible is to reduce the number of slides.  The thing is we have courses with many more slides than this.  Perhaps it is due to the recorded slides that I have included?


Meg Johnston

Hi Peter, it turns out that setting the majority of the slides to "reset to initial state" solved the issue and allowed me to keep the bookmarking.   I had a number of slides that I needed to keep set to "resume in saved state" and that was okay. 

Just wanted to share this in case someone else has the issue!