Passing initialization data into SCORM object

May 09, 2012


Is there a straight forward way to allow a SCORM LMS to pass a data  item in when a SCORM course created in Storyline is launched by the LMS.  I have seen that it is possible to set up the resume options, but how do I pass User name etc in?

Many thanks!

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Stephanie Powner

Hi Justin,

I am creating a course for compliance training consisting of 5 modules.  It is an absolute requirement that users cannot progress to the next module until the previous one is completed.  Users are likely to complete the course over a few sessions.  Once the users have viewed all modules I need to allow them to move to the different modules for revision before taking the final exam.  I therefore need to be able to restore the value of a variable from a previous session (eg, AllModulesViewed to true or false) to allow me enable/disable navigation links to other modules depending on whether that user has previously completed the modules and also to make the final exam start button available.  The course will be hosted in a LMS and was thinking there may be a way for the LMS to pass in a variable when the course is launched?  Is there an easier way to achieve this that I am missing.  Also is it possible to assign scene numbers and slide numbers to a variable I have created?  Thanks

Justin Wilcox

Hi Stephanie.

Some LMS' have course sequencing which it sounds like maybe that's what you are looking for. Essentially that means you have to complete A before B before C in that order. Then once you are done with that you can take D. Typically that is a function of the LMS so I would recommend contacting the LMS you are going to use to see if that is something that they support.

Stephanie Powner

Thanks for the replies.  I am not that far from where I need to be. As Phil suggested I can use the resume data and lock down the navigation to ensure modules are done sequentially.  My only real problem is having a way to indicate that the user has previously viewed all the material (possibly in a earlier learning session) to allow me open up the navigation in this situation so users can then view scenes or slides as they wish....however the replies suggest I cant do this.  I will have a look at the sequencing functionality in the LMS to see whether it will work for me.

Thanks again

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