Passing parameters from LMS into STORYLINE

Jul 22, 2015

Is there a way to have onscreen reference variables display information that can be passed from the LMS.  I'm not referring to pass-through information like the student name, etc.

I'm specifically referring to the ability to pass it TEXT or HYPERLINKS.

Scenario: build a Storyline module where, on any given page in the module, the onscreen text, i.e. a Document Title and the LINK to the document, can be 'sent' to the STORYLINE content via a 'parameter' field that is available in the LMS.  For instance Success Factors allows their CONTENT OBJECT to 'pass' a series of parameters to the content (opened via the Launch URL) so that the content can dynamically 'fill in' the fields.

I have seen it done with Lectora.  I need to find out how to do it in STORYLINE.


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Steve Cicci

Thanks Leslie.  I have read through that posting.  The problem is that dealt with grabbing information that was being provided by the LMS automatically when the module launches (session starts). 

I'm interested in a solution that allows 'external' parameters to be passed to the STORYLINE file via the LMS using the LMS content parameters capability. 

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