Passing Quiz Score to Blackboard

I'm confused about how to pass a quiz score to blackboard and what gets passed. I see in the tracking/reporting options that I can pass "pass/fail" or "pass incomplete" and set a pass score. But I don't want to just know if they passed, I want the actual score. So I set up one result slide for each question so that way I know if they "passed" that question, they got it right. But now I see that I can only pass one result screen per video.

How do I pass the actual score from a quiz to blackboard? I want to know how many questions they got right, not just if they got above or below X number right.

Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi AM!

I'd like to direct you to this thread where other users were experiencing the same issue, which was specific to Blackboard.

A great testing tool is to test the content in SCORM Cloud to see if you experience the same results. If you are unable to replicate, it's typically an issue that needs to be addressed with the LMS. If you can replicate it, then we would want to have a look at your .story file.


Sorry, I was unclear. I'm not actually having any issue. I've uploaded to BB, but the course doesn't start until January, so I have no reason to believe that it's not performing to spec.

I was asking about the options within Storyline at the time of publishing. There are options for how to pass the score to BB, but none of those options are "pass the score." Instead I see options to for pass/fail pass/incomplete and I can set a thresshold for passing.

So I assume that if I choose one of these options, the gradebook will list "Pass" for some students and "Fail" or "Incomplete" for others. I don't want that. I want the gradebook to say 2/3 or whatever. Storyline doesn't seem to have an option for that, though.

I tried to get around this by making a separate results slide for each question (then, I assumed, if I say the pass level is 100% for each and I see that a student has two columns with pass and one with fail, then I know they got 2/3).  However, now I see that won't work because I can only pass one results slide to BB per video. For this plan to work, I would need to pass all three.

So, my question is, if I have 3 quiz questions, how do I set up the storyline video so that BB will tell me this student got 0/3, that one got 1/3, the next one got 2/3 and the last one got 3/3?

Now that I know there have been problems with BB, I'll test it before hand, but before I can test it, I need to know how to set it up.

Thank you,

p.s. I don't understand the difference between "SCO" and "SCORM" (or really what either word means? Maybe knowing this would help make things clearer?)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi AM,

Thanks for sharing a bit more information about what you were looking for here. 

First, to start with, SCO stands for shareable content object and represents the lowest level of granularity of a learning resource that an LMS should track.  SCORM refers to a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. Essentially SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it can “play well” with other e-learning software.  For more information on SCORM you may want to review the information here. 

In regards to passing the score to your LMS, you'll need a results slide to communicate the score instead of tracking by slides viewed (the two different options you have in Storyline).  The results slide includes a trigger to 'submit results when the timeline starts' and that is the element you'll need to report the score. From the sounds of your set up - you could use one results slide to track all three questions or a results slide for each question, that will either offer a cumulative score or ensure the user has passed all quiz questions. Please review this tutorial for more information on working with the results slides. 

As far as what you choose as the publishing option, that is a question you'll want to ask of your LMS team. The options you have are: 

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

Many LMSs track both a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when publishing Storyline content. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status. Some LMSs require a particular setting as that's the language that will be used throughout the LMS

If you need anything else please feel free to let us know. 


Sorry, I think I am still unclear. I'm wondering

A) What the difference is between "tracking" and "reporting" and

B) Which options I should set in reporting/tracing when I save so that blackboard should be receiving an actual score (78% or 17/20 or something like that) from storyline. I realize that "should be receiving" may not mean "is parsing and adding to the gradebook correctly" but knowing what should work is the first step to trouble-shooting if it doesn't.

Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi A M,

Your LMS will track a variety of data points from Storyline (or any e-learning course) such as how a user answered a question, the overall score, the passing score, or other LMS specific elements such as time spent on a slide, when they started the course, etc. All of this information that is communicated between Storyline and your LMS, or just gathered within the LMS is then used to generate a report to you (or the administrator) about how each user did. 

As for what options you should set, I'd suggest checking with your LMS team to see what they recommend as each LMS may have different requirements, options or language that they'll use to generate those reports or what data points that they can show you. If you want to show a percentage score, at the least you'll need to set up the publishing options to track by a results slide that is connected to quiz questions in your course. You may want to review this article on publishing for an LMS and this article on troubleshooting common LMS reporting and tracking issues.