Passing Quizzes in order in SToryline

Oh, please, please help!   I need some help, H E L P.

I'm working with a 51 question mastery test.  I would like to break this into 3 sections as I think its too frustrating for the user to get 80% using just one test.

So, I have Test A, Test B, Test C.  I want users to first pass test A, allowing for both review and retry before they can continue onto Test B, and so forth.

Right now I am in a muddle of triggers layers properties variables and wizards.

Can someone please, please help me...ohhhh.  

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mary,

You may want to look at adding the "retry button" onto the failure layer so that the user doesn't accidentally reset their score to something lower than passing on the second attempt, and then you could use the "review" button on the success layer. If you'd like to prevent the user from continuing forward using the built in next button on the player, you may want to use a method such as this one to ensure the user has gone through the review.  

Also, Storyline will only be able to report one score to your LMS, although you can combine multiple results slides so you may want to review this tutorial about the different options available. 

Mary Ward

After struggling with variables, I figured out an easy way.  I eliminated the Next button (at the slide level) for the Results slide.  I added a trigger button:  Continue, and put this on the Success Layer.  I cut the 'Retry Test' button from the base level and pasted on the Fail Layer.

If the learner succeeds in passing the test, they click the continue button to advance to the next test.  If the learner fails, they retry the test until they succeed, at which point they can click the Continue button.

Done and Done and on to the Next One....