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Morning all

I'm trying to discover how to pass the results variables to a page created outside of SL; I can pass other, user-created variables, but not the Results ones. I've figured that this is because they're protected or whatever, so I realise I need to pass them to a variable within SL before passing that variable to the page. Problem is, I'm running out of methods I can think of to assign the Results variable to my custom variable (e.g. Results.ScorePoints to varResultsScorePoints).

It sounds like user Roger Vaessen solved the problem here, but his screenshot doesn't appear to be helpful at all, and I can't make out how he would have done it from how he describes it on the page. I will be PMing Roger, but thought I'd ask in the meantime, in case he doesn't get back to me, or takes a while to do so.

I know I could use custom variables throughout, rather than the auto-generated Results variables, but it's unlikely that I'll be building the finished product, and likely that a user with less of a computer-based background will build the storyline up, and I'll get the storyline towards the end to set up the final additional features for which it needs additonal, custom-created webpages.


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Paul Pickering

Phil, thanks for the reply. I'm aware that I cannot pass the variable outside of SL. I've also tried creating a trigger to adjust a variable I set up, but I cannot see any of the Results variables in the drop-down for assignment, and since it's not a free-type drop-down box, I can't force it that way either.

Paul Pickering

Hi Phil

Figured it out. I was trying to pass a number variable to a text variable. Obviously SL can't cope with this, but I'll be able to convert it in my webpage. So, although I've not attempted it yet, I'm confident the triggers will allow me to do as I've been attempting to do.

Thanks for your input. I was looking in the right place all along!

Rob Puricelli
Phil Mayor

this file should get you started it assign one of the results variable to another variable as I described above

Hi Phil,

I'm trying to get a Results.ScorePercent variable from a quiz to feed a new variable that I will ultimately want to send to my LMS but everytime I try and set up the trigger, I cannot select the Results.ScorePercent variable in the dropdown.

However, when I downloaded your export.story file that you kindly shared, they miraculously appear in the drop down. I just can't seem to access them in my own content.

Am I missing something? Can I actually do what I want to do?

Thanks in advance!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rob!

Phil's last response was a while back and I'm not sure if he's still subscribed to this thread. You are welcome to reach out to him directly if needed via the 'Contact Me' option on his profile if needed.

My first thought is to be sure that you have added a Results Slide to your course, which would allow you access to those built-in variables.

Rob Puricelli

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for that. I'll try.

I'm also creating a new thread to outline my specific needs to see if I can get the right answer.

I do have a results slide, and the results.scorepercent variable shows up in the variable list, but it doesn't show up in the drop down selection menu in the trigger wizard.

Thanks again :-)