Passing score to the LMS

I am testing someone else's course for them and had the following happen.

I failed the quiz the first time through - it recorded correctly on our LearnCenter, Oracle Learn.

I passed the  quiz the second time through - recorded correctly on the LearnCenter.

I tried a third time and received a higher passing score, but my score did not update  on the LearnCenter even though we have the LearnCenter set to keep the highest score.

We use incomplete/complete as our setting in Storyline.

Is there a setting within Storyline that I am not seeing?  Or is the course reporting correctly and I shouldn't worry?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michele,

Great question! Storyline will send each attempt and score to your LMS, but it'll be up to the LMS what score they keep and show to you. So if you're not seeing that change in LearnCenter - perhaps it's restricted to two attempts or the setting to keep the highest isn't working correctly? Have you reached out to the LMS team to confirm those elements? 

I don't know that many users have mentioned that LMS here, but hopefully those who have used it are able to weigh in and share their expertise with you as well! 

Michele Miner

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I didn't really get a clear answer.  The course was created by another company in Storyline 360 and was supposed to be set to Completed/Incomplete, but we think it was sending a Pass/Fail message.  Technically, it did record that I passed the course, but when I took it again, it just never updated my score to the higher passing score because I already passed the course.  We decided not to go with the course in our LearnCenter, so I never explored it any further.