Passing Storyline Data from Quiz on First Attempt


I'm still new to Storyline so sorry if this question is obvious. I have a storyline module that contains a pre and post assessment. This pre/post is designed to show the impact of the module on learners' understanding. However, my client would also like to give participants unlimited opportunities to take the post-assessment so they can get each question correct. So, I'm wondering if there's a way to pass the data from the first attempt on the quizzes rather than sending the data once the learners have answered all the questions correctly. Does that make sense?

Just for more information, ultimately these modules will be integrated into an LMS (Learndash) but that isn't set up right now.

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Tadd Farmer

Thanks for the reply. Not exactly. I'd like the system to collect ALL answers (both correct and incorrect) from the individual's first attempt and pass that information. However, we also want them to take it as many times as they need to get 100% although data from any subsequent attempt does not need to be passed. Does that make sense?