Passing Variables from Flash to Storyline

May 01, 2013

I'm not very familar with Flash, but the multimedia department I collaborate with is fluent in the program, and they have created some great interactions and animations for our Storyline courses.

We'd like to take integrating their work a step further and have Flash trigger some Storyline variables. For example, I'd like to have a recurring game at different points in a course. Can I make Flash change a variable in Storyline to keep score, for instance? Or can I make a Flash element make Storyline jump to the next slide?

Any insight is appreciated. If you have info, go ahead and use techical jargon--I won't get it, but my cohorts will.

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Rupert Buxton

I couldn't get the solution to this to work. So I got in touch with them offering to pay for an example. However, without cost they have done a video on how to do this and given downloadable example files. I think it says something very positive about these guys that they would do this. It works very well. Now with the ability to pass variables back and forth from Flash to Storyline this makes Storyline a whole lot stronger. 

Many thanks to the guys at eLearning enhanced for showing us all how to do this

Incidentally, what was I doing wrong? I was running locally, this needs to be run off a webserver to work.

The updated example on their website...

Anthony LEPOT


i tried this solution to pass variables from flash to storyline.

It works when my module is viewed on the web but it doesn't work localy. (the flash is displayed but the variables don't pass to storyline)

My problem is that my client want the module to be runnable both from an lms an localy.

Is there any solution for making this possible ?

thks for your time and sorry for my english.

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