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Apr 01, 2014


Ive come up with a seed of an idea using an input text box setup with an empty variable called %password% which gets submitted to the next layer where it gets displayed and is used as an interaction to help learners understand about password security.

I would really like to use javascript functions to analyse the %password% and respond to that with some useful feedback for the student.

Unfortunately I don't know how to do this and wondered if anyone could help me ?

Ive attached the activity for your information.

Kind regards,


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Michael Hinze

Yes, you could use JavaScript to analyze the entered password. Here is just one simple example that returns the length of the entered text. First, you need to establish some parameters that are then used in a Javascript to analyze the entered password and then provide feedback on the password activity layer. For example, if you require the entered password to be a minimum length, then the Length button could be shown as red if the password does not meet the min. length, otherwise the button is shown as green, and so forth.

Also, I'd suggest you 'upgrade' the current text entry box to shows a "*******" string, like in a real-world password entry field. See some info here.

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