Paste a Trigger to all of my slides at the same time. Storyline 2

Is it possible to paste a trigger to all of my slides at once?  The specific trigger I need to have on every slide is to disable the next button until the timeline ends.  I know that takes 2 triggers.  It's time consuming to have to go to each slide to paste.

Also, my keyboard shortcut for copy and paste will not work.

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Bart Collart

I know that this is an old post. We have a presentation done using Storyline that we would like to add triggers to for a simple laser-pointer clicker . So I added Page Up & Page Down triggers to my Master and all the layouts contained therein. But for some reason, these triggers added to the updated Master pages do not appear in the actual slides.

We're talking hundreds of slides here. Isn't there a way to reapply a master slide to my existing slides so that the master slide triggers transfer over?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bart! Great question.

Triggers on the Slide Master will not appear on the slides themselves, but they should still work on all slides. 

It may be that you need to select all slides within a scene, right-click and select Apply Layout. This will ensure that the latest version of the Slide Master (including triggers) is applied to that group of slides.

Have you published the course and tested it on a web server or LMS with the laser-pointer clicker yet? 

Bart Collart

Hi Alyssa. I appreciate the response. When I preview a scene in Storyline, the page-up/down functionality appears to work fine using my keyboard. Trouble is, when I preview the entire package in Storyline, the Page-up/down using my keyboard does not work. Iw ill try publishing to see what happens but figure if its not working in Preview, it prob won't function in published version. My file is almost 700 MB so I cannot upload to y9ur system.